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AKC/ ASCA CH Dancer's Take It To The Bank "Banker" X  Coolmoor Hell'N High Heels FDC CGCA CGCU ACT1 NA NAJ JS-N "Bling "
Whelped January 10, 2019
Bred by Brittany Klimas, Amy Burnette, and Elizabeth Bird 

AKC CH Coolmoor FoxRest Ewe Can Bank On Me with Dancer
Owned  by Amy Burnette/ Coolmoor Australian Shepherds


FoxRest Coolmoor Jumpin' For Joy with Dancer RM2 RAE2 OA OAJ  OF BCAT TKN RATN JS-N GS-N RS-N RNX
Owned and loved by Grace Smith


AKC/ ASCA CH Borget's En Garde! NA NAJ FDC BCAT "Touché" x UKC CH GatorHeaven's Island State of Mind "Isla"
Whelped January 8, 2020

Bred by Brittany Klimas and Jarilyn Pusz

AKC GCH FoxRest Pip Pip Hooray!

Owned by Nick and Brittany Klimas (FoxRest)

CH FoxRest Changes In Latitudes TKN
Owned by Dr. Steve and Le Bohannon and Brittany Klimas

FoxRest's Like A Foss TKA
Owned by Bronte Baer and Brittany Klimas
OFA hips: Excellent OFA elbows: Normal

FoxRest Pax A Punch JS-N
Owned by Nikki Baer

AKC/ ASCA CH Borget's En Garde! NA NAJ FDC BCAT "Touché" x UKC CH GatorHeaven's Island State of Mind "Isla"
Whelped June 18, 2021 
Bred by Brittany Klimas and Amy Burnette

ASCA Major Pointed FoxRest Sunflower Island Girl 
Owned by 
Jannell Blankenbeckler and Brittany Klimas 


MACH 8 PACH 2 Western Hill's Brewed For Ewe MXS3 MJC3 MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX MXF T2B2 CGC TKN "Porter" X CH FoxRest Hot On Your HeelsHSAs FDC NF ACT1 STDs "Siren"
Whelped February 22, 2021
Bred by Brittany Klimas and Amy Burnette 

FoxRest Brewed In The Rockies MXB MXJB XF

Owned by: Chris Brewer and Joan Meyer

FoxRest Hold My Beer RN NA OAJ JS-O RS-O GS-N

Owned by: Jillian Lovato and Brittany Klimas

FoxRest Special Brew Avery Girl AX AXJ OF CGC
Owned by: Kalyn Hoenig

FoxRest 2nd Star To The Right Amazing AX OAJ XF
Owned by: Lori Dunn

FoxRest Prost To Indigo Brew NA NAJ NF TKN RS-N
Owned by: Paulette Petryk



 Iron Rose Hang 'Em High "Rope" x CH FoxRest Hot On Your Heels HSAs FDC NF ACT1 STDs "Siren"
Whelped July 1, 2022
Bred by: Brittany Klimas, Tina Bauhs, and Amy Burnette

ASCA Pointed FoxRest Army Watch Accountant CGC
Owned by Christina Amos Co-owned with FoxRest/Brittany Klimas

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