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Australian shepherds are a family affair here at FoxRest, we are a mother/ daughter duo, Brittany lives in Colorado while Linda is located in Florida. 

Our love for the breed began with a little red merle dog named Bang. I got my first  Aussie, Bang, immediately after graduating college at the University of Colorado- Boulder where I was an avid triathlete, cyclists, and marathon runner. I wanted an active companion that could keep up with me on long hikes and  during rigorous marathon training. Bang is a fabulous ambassador of the breed with a go anywhere, do anything attitude, he is always up for an adventure. After graduating college I moved back to Florida to attend chiropractic school at Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida, during that time my mother Linda fell in love with Bang and in love with the breed and  thus along came a blue merle dog named Rush. 

What has drawn us to the breed is their versatility, brains, biddability  and not to mention their beauty- no two Aussies look alike. As a chiropractor and an athlete I know how important good structure is to overall function especially in a breed as active as the  Australian Shepherd. We take great pride in raising sound dogs in body and mind that make excellent family companions.  

What's in  a name:  FoxRest is a nod to our english equestrian background. Growing up our house was decorated with equestrian fox hunting scenes . 



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